Personalized Coaching

Our program is unparalleled, best-in-class motorcycle rider coaching. We focus on what you need to be a safer… and faster, rider. Often it’s just you and your coach on the track, making it a safer, more repeatable environment. This environment allows you to work on the one thing that’s holding you back, with 100% focus and dedication in a no-pressure environment.


This isn’t just a track day with a professional giving you some pointers. Everything done is with the deliberate intention of improving your rider awareness, engagement, and execution on, and off, the bike. With Personalized Coaching, our coaches do a full assessment of your current riding technique. With years of professional experience, they will help break down your riding fundamentals all the way down to its foundation and then coach you through building it back up.

Your personalized coaching session is unique to you and your riding, but every day starts the same. That is, with you and your coach setting your intentions and focus. Perhaps it’s building repeatable habits entering and exiting corners. Or adjustments in your body timing and positioning. Or choosing reference points. Whatever it is, your coach will not only help you identify them, but come up with actionable steps for improvement.

Video is a powerful tool during your coaching day. Anyone can stick a GoPro on a motorcycle and have rider footage, but it’s the professional assessment and interpretation that sets us apart. Cumulatively, our coaches have decades of experience performing, and coaching, at the worlds highest standards. Track sessions are promptly followed by in-depth analysis of your riding. The Rickdiculous binder is yours to take notes. Track maps are included so you can better understand the nuances of each turn.

Pricing starts at $1,500 per day and includes lunch, video, and Rickdiculous binder. You must provide your own personal riding equipment. We do have motorcycles available for rent. Personal coaching is available in California at Chuckwalla Raceway and Thunderhill Park and the Utah Motorsports Campus. To schedule your own personal coaching day, please contact Ken Hill at (510) 755-3638 or



+A $250.00 (per day) deposit is required to secure your reservation

+Full payment is required 70 days prior to start date

+If final payment has not been received by this date, the reservation will be forfeited and no deposit will be returned

Refunds / Cancellations

No refunds or credits will be given due to injury or personal equipment failure. Your motorcycle must pass our technical inspection. No refunds will be given due to a failed technical inspection. Rickdiculous Racing reserves the right to cancel any coaching/track day at any time. If Rickdiculous Racing cancels your reservation prior to your dates, a full refund will be given. To cancel or request a change for your date(s), notification/requests must be made in writing via email. Any cancellations made before 70 days prior to the start date are 100% refundable Within 70 days of your date, all payments are NON REFUNDABLE. Any changes or cancellations are subject to an additional $100.00 cancellation/change fee at the discretion of Rickdiculous Racing. Rickdiculous Racing does not give refunds due to weather, or possibility of weather. Any variation from this policy is at the sole discretion of Rickdicuous Racing LLC. By making a payment you agree to this policy.