Rick Rider Development Camp (RDC)


The Rick Development Camp (RDC) is a motorcycle riding school focused on racers aspiring to become professional riders at the highest levelsin the US and Europe. The RDC is a 3-day school in a racetrack environment where students are taken through an intensive curriculum that focuses on improving all elements of becoming a professional motorcycle racer. The camps will be taught based on fundamentals and techniques applied at the highest level of the sport taught by the best in the world instructors, in a setting that allows for focused and intense learning across the full 3-days.

The RDC camps will be limited to 6 riders at a time. The camps will be all inclusive with bikes, hotel and breakfast and lunch provided. The rider will be responsible for getting themselves to the host hotel with their riding gear, where the RDC will take over. There are plans for 3-4 camps initially for 2016 and they will be held at Chuckwalla Raceway, Thunderhill Park and Utah Motorsports Campus.

The curriculum is set to balance all aspects of the rider, from riding technique, physical and mental capabilities, mental focus and professionalism. Additionally, there will be classes taught by elite military Special Forces operators that prepare riders for the highest levels of mental focus, fitness and nutrition. Track time will be controlled and both motorcycles and cars will be used in the training. All of the Development Camps will be led by Ken Hill and World Champion Scott Russell. Scott will be an integral part of the RDC offering his experience and race craft from competing several years at the world level in both World Superbike and MotoGP, and strategies on what it takes to be the best in the world.

A typical academy day will look like this:
➢ 630am – Leave the Hotel
➢ 730am – Arrive at the track, sort gear and 30 min riders meeting
➢ 8-9am – Van ride with students and instructors discussing riding techniques used by the best riders in the world, order of the sport, process of learning and understanding track dynamics.
➢ 930am – Students car driving on track fundamentals
➢ (930am – Lectures on Day 2-3)
➢ 11am – Students ride 4×5 lap sessions with instructors (Laps timed but students do not see lap times)
➢ 1pm – lunch with talk
➢ 1:30pm – Students filmed by instructor
➢ 3pm – Video review with for all students
➢ 4pm – Car driving working on video results
➢ 4:55pm – Written test
➢ 5pm – Head to hotel with lecture at group dinner

The RDC cost will be $5000 for all 3 days. (The cost does not include motorcycle damage in case of a crash) The RDC is an elite racer development program where teams can send prospective riders for evaluation as well as riding improvement. Riders will receive a grade and plan for future development at the end of the RDC