Rickdiculous Racing has rental bikes available for all Elite Coaching students as well as Ride Only customers. Fly in and ride!

All bikes come with as much rubber and gas you can go through! (All bikes come standard with DOT tires, with Spec Tires and Slicks available for purchase. if you choose to purchase upgraded tires for your rental, they are yours to take home!)

Please contact Ken ahead of time to ensure we reserve a bike for you.

Rental Policy:

The rider/renter assumes all risk and liability for the duration of the rental period. Renter agrees to pay for all damage incurred and agrees to pay promptly. Renter agrees to inspect the bike and confirm it is in good working order. Renter agrees to pay all costs incurred to collect funds including court costs, arbitration costs, and any collection costs. Rickdiculous Racing rental policy is simply: “YOU CRASH IT, YOU BUY IT!” We provide the highest level track experience in the business and part of that experience is providing rental bikes that are in as new and perfect condition as possible. If a bike tips over, that bike is either fully replaced, or put back together with brand new OEM parts at the exact same level the bike was before the tip-over. Whether a minor tip over, or a serious high side, Rickdiculous Racing reserves the right to sole discretion over whether the bike is fixed or replaced. We take no exception to that rule and that is why our rental policy is such. WE DO NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE.

2013 Yamaha R6 – $350/day

One of the most popular race bikes in the MotoAmerica series, and for good reason. The R6 is a weapon on the racetrack. Great brakes, plenty of horsepower and a razor sharp chassis make for the perfect track toy.

2014 Yamaha FZ8 – $350/day

The FZ8 is one of the most confidence inspiring bikes to ride. The upright seating position from the tube handlebars makes for great visibility and comfortable body position. Perfect for street riders or touring riders looking to increase their skill set or to keep from getting rusty over the long winter. You’ll see the coaches out on FZ’s all day, because they’re fun and fast!

2015 Yamaha R3 – $350/day

The R3 is Yamaha’s new small displacement street bike. Perfect for new riders, anyone racing small displacement series or even anyone looking to work on corner speed! Riding a slow bike fast is one of the most rewarding things you can do at the track. The R3 has a lot to teach you, no matter your experience level.