Rental Program

Rickdiculous Racing has rental bikes available for all coaching and programs. Fly in and ride! All bikes come with as much rubber and gas you can go through. All bikes come standard with DOT tires, with Dunlop spec tires and slicks available for purchase. If you choose to purchase upgraded tires for your rental, they’re yours to take home. Please reserve a bike with us when you register for your coaching session/camp.

2017 Yamaha R6 – $350/day

We’ve updated our Yamaha R6 program with the latest model. One of the most popular race bikes in the MotoAmerica series, and for good reason. The R6 is a weapon of the racetrack. Great brakes, plenty of horsepower and razor sharp chassis make for the perfect track weapon


2014 Yamaha FZ8 – $350/day

The FZ8 is one of the most confidence inspiring bikes to ride The upright seat position from the tube handlebars makes for great visibility and comfortable body position. Perfect for street riders or touring riders looking to increase their skill set or to keep from getting rusty over the long winter. You’ll see the coaches out on FZ’s all day, because they’re fun and fast!


2015 Yamaha R3 – $350/day

The R3 is Yamaha’s small displacement street bike. Perfect for new riders, anyone racing small displacement series or even anyone looking to work on corner speed! Riding a slow bike fast is one of the most rewarding things you can do on the track. The R3 has a lot to teach you, no matter your experience level.


2016 Suzuki GSX-R600 – $350/day

New to the fleet is the Suzuki GSX-R600. Lightweight, maneuverable, and with comfortable ergonomics, we’ve got them tuned and track-ready.

Tire Service:

+Rickdiculous Racing has partnered with Dunlop tires to provide the best rubber for our students

+Tire sales based on availability

+Tire changing service available on-site

+Please let us know our tire needs at the time of registration

Dunlop Tires