To anyone considering participating in a Rickdiculous Racing Coaching Day please read this. My name is Kelly Rees, I own a motorcycle shop in Northern Utah. I have a 13 year old son who has been racing since the age of 5 and began racing an R6 this year at Miller Motorsports Park. I am a true believer that proper coaching and training is the most vital part of progressing in this sport, either as recreation or a career. My son has participated in 5 schools this year and the results cannot be argued. From the first race weekend battling for 7th in the expert 600 classes to the 5th race weekend battling for 2nd. He has not crashed a bike and has continually become faster without pushing the envelope of safety. He has learned how to give me feedback, self-confidence, race craft and most of all how to be fast and safe at the same time. I owe these guys a debt I cannot repay, there is no feeling that compares to seeing your kid making and crushing goals on a daily basis. Thank you to The Ricks and their Staff, your program is amazing.

– Kelly Rees, TrackStar Racing-

Hey Ken, as you may or may not know the AFM season wrapped up at Thill last weekend and I just wanted to update you on how the rest of my season went after my day with the Rick crew.
I stayed vigilant working on the skills introduced to me by you and Scott Russell and I dropped 3.6 seconds at T-Hill and 2.9 at Sears over the season. I set a new personal best each time I went out after my coaching, concluding with a 1:56.0 at the last round and 1:46.8 at Sears. I also took the Novice 750 Production championship. And all without a single crash

– Wiles Stapp, 2014 AFM Novice 750 Production Champion