Best Car Ramps – Reviews Of Heavy Duty Products

The best car ramps have become the REAL game changers in the way you get underneath your car.

They’ve turned the usually tricky task into a hassle-free job. And this explains why every car owner is rushing to buy one for themselves. Their ability to lift heavier weights stably gives you the confidence you need when working on the underside of your vehicle.

Their higher safety levels make them even better than the traditional floor jacks.

As a car owner, I’m assuming you’re here because you wanna know the perfect car ramp for your heavy duty car.


In that case, we’ve come up with a guide that will help you get the right ramp from the thousands already on the market.

And if you don’t have time to read our guide, we also have the 10 best-performing that you can directly pick below.

What's a Ramp and Why You Need One?

A car ramp (or a floor ramp) refers to a tool used for raising the vehicle from the ground to help access the underneath (some call it the vehicle belly).

Mind you; a car ramp offers you the easiest method of elevating your car.

It is more favored than the jacks and jack stand due to its higher levels of safety- i.e., it raises and keeps your car in a more stable position.

To use this tool, you just need to drive your car up to it and stop (or park it) on its top flat section. The lift height for a typical ramp ranges from 2 to 10 inches, allowing you to easily get underneath that vehicle and perform the necessary maintenance or repairs.

As I’ve just said above, the primary reason I’d recommend you to start using a car ramp to raise your heavy-duty vehicle is the better stability and safety it offers you (unlike the jack stands).

Even with the safety guarantee, I still feel that you should use your ramp along with your jack to offer the extra support that gives you peace of mind while working under your vehicle.

Also, I’d recommend you to be cautious when parking your car on your ramp to ensure you don’t drive off and cause accidents. This part is usually tricky, so enlisting the help of your friend or family member to guide you to park correctly is vital.

Above all, ensure you buy the best car ramp for your vehicle. This is the ONLY way to ensure you get the most out of your car ramp.

10 Best Car Ramps For Heavy Usage?

1. RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp Review:

First up, we have the RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp. It ranks among the most popular ramps among SUVs and heavy-duty vehicle owners all over the states. And that’s because they come with enhanced sturdiness and durability- making them some of the most reliable and convenient tools for accessing the underside of your vehicle.

The unique structural design of this ramp is its recipe for A++ performance. It comes with a patented polymer internal support system plus a wide stance- both of which combine to deliver unbeatable strength as well as excellent weight distribution. Something else that makes this ramp a darling for truck owners is its highly innovative CoreTRAC non-skid base that goes a long way in reducing slippage cases.

To make the ramps extremely easy to use, even for low clearance vehicles, it comes with a 17 degrees incline design. The ramps are packed in pairs (per package) and come with a weight capacity of up to 12,000 pounds. Feel free to use these portable ramps with most cars, pickups, trucks, vans, and sports utility vehicles.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable automotive ramps
  • Rugged, structural design
  • Reliable and convenient access to your car underside
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base plus tread patterns reduces slippage cases
  • 12,000 pound GVW

2. RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp Review:

Our second best ramp for heavy-duty cars goes to the RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp. Just like our first pair (which also comes from RhinoGear), this pair also comes with a structural design to enable it to take just any punishment you throw its way for generations to come.

The reasonably priced heavy duty vehicle ramps also come with a 17 degrees incline design to allow you to use it with the low clearance vehicles as well. Not forgetting it also comes with the innovative CoreTRAC non-skid base to help minimizes cases of ramp slippage that are common in most of the ramps out there.

This RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp comes with a slightly higher weight capacity than the previous model (16,000, to be exact. And this means that it can lift the heavier trucks that its cousin above cannot lift. The fact that this ramp meets/exceeds the set P.A.L.D. (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) standards clears any doubts you have regarding its quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable automotive ramps
  • Structural, rugged design
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base for reducing slippage
  • 17-degree incline for easy use with low clearance vehicles
  • 16,000-pound weight capacity
  • Reliable and convenient access to your vehicle underside

3. Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Plastic Car Service Ramp Review:

The Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Plastic Car Service Ramp makes it easier to access the underside of your vehicle than ever before. The durable plastic car ramp comes with hollow honeycomb channels to help keep off the notorious moisture from building up. And yes, they come at an attractive cost that any car owner can easily afford.

Packed in pairs, these ramps are specially made for all the low profile cars out there. This gives a great relief to all the car owners who have difficulties trying to use the hydraulic jacks.

With the ability to lift your car up to 2.5 inches off the ground, you’ll agree with me that you won’t have issues accessing your vehicle’s belly. Something else that makes these pairs perfect for the low clearance sports vehicles is its above average weight capacity of 4400 lbs.

To make this pair of ramps easy to use, it comes with tire-stop ends with formed wheel grooves that let you easily drive up your vehicle on it, without overriding it. The ramp measures 27.5"L x 7.75"W x 3"H and has a lightweight design of 4.5lbs only to make it easy to store or transfer from one point to another.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy duty honeycomb plastic for preventing long-term moisture build-up
  • Tire-stop ends with formed wheel groove
  • Low profile design with 4400 lbs capacity
  • Loads at around 9.05 degrees up to 2.75” high
  • Package includes two ramps

4. Iron Forge Tools Ramp Kit with Hardware Review:

If you believe that you must spend a decent amount of money to get car ramp with high-quality standards and attractive features, you’re totally wrong! The Iron Forge Tools Ramp Kit comes with a pocket-friendly price that’s way too low compared to its overall build quality, performance, and remarkable list of features.

One of the key things that qualify this ramp to appear on our list of the top-quality car ramps is its sturdy, multi-purpose design. It’s designed using the toughest possible, extruded aluminum to enable it to last a lifetime. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this ramp features a non-skid top surface that delivers the ultimate traction for easily hugging your car tires in a raised position.

Being a ramp kit, the package comes with all the installation hardware, as well as installation manual, so you can easily install it and start using it. Each of the two ramps can hold more than 700lbs for years. Above all this, it features a one-year warranty as a quality assurance from the manufacturer.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy, multi-purpose ramp
  • All installation hardware included
  • Heavy-duty aluminum ramp with over 700 lbs weight capacity
  • Non-skid top surface for enhanced traction
  • One year warranty

5. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set Review:

The Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set is also an incredibly affordable option for those on a tight budget. Despite the low cost, you can rely on it to conveniently raise your vehicle for routine maintenance or repairs. It is an auto ramp set that comes designed from heavy gauge steel for unmatched durability. Like all the above models, it’s also packed in pairs.

This set of car ramps can hold as much as 6500lbs of your car weight, making it a truly versatile pair than you can use to lift a wide range of family cars. Regarding size, each of the pieces measures 35 inches long and 11 inches wide- this gives it the capacity to handle the width of any vehicle tire (keeping in mind that a standard tire width is 9 inches).

Take note of the raised safety ribs on the sides plus the traction holes on the ramps' incline which help tightly secure the grip of your car tires.

The highest point these ramps can lift your car are around 8 inches, providing you with sufficient room for accessing all the components underneath your vehicle. The ramps come with a compact size so that they take less space during positioning or storage.

Highlighted Features

  • 6500 lbs gross vehicle weight
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Raised safety libs on the sides
  • Punched, extruded traction holes on incline
  • 35-inch long

6. Yaheetech 2 x 7.5’ Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck Loading Ramp Review:

If you’re looking for the best car ramp for loading your lawnmower, ATV, or any other four-wheeled heavy duty item into your trail or trucker, you cannot go wrong with the Yaheetech 2 x 7.5’ Loading Ramp.

The ramp comes with the same durable design as all the other ramps we’ve previously discussed. It’s designed from durable and lightweight aluminum metal that makes it quite portable. With its plate top style as well as built-in traction surface, you’ll never have to deal with the slippage issues that give you a hard time when using a ramp. Don’t forget it also comes with an arched design that helps provide you with better clearance.

Regarding weight capacity, the two ramps combined can lift up to 1500lbs, qualifying them for use with a wide range of heavy-duty automotive. For your own safety, both ramps provide you with rubber tipped fingers as well as safety straps. On top of all this, they come with a foldable design that promotes super-easy storage.

Highlighted Features

  • 340kg/750lbs load capacity
  • Unfolded size: approx. 89'' L x 12'' W
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Features rubber tipped fingers plus safety straps
  • Built-in traction surface keeps off slippages

7. Yutrax TX103 Silver 70-inch Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp Review:

The Yutrax TX103 Silver 70-inch Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp is another excellent option for those looking for a highly portable ramp that saves as much space as possible. It comes with a tri-fold design to facilitate easy storage as well as transport from one area to another.

Besides portability, the ramp also features a durable construction of heavy-duty, fully welded aluminum material to allows it to last long, even with regular use. Don’t forget that it also comes with heavy duty joints and hinges that are welded for maximum durability, unlike the riveted models.

The fact that this aluminum metal is also lightweight takes its portability even higher. It’s also important to note that these ramps come with extruding rectangular side rails that effectively resist bending. And the taller rectangular cross section is capable of holding up to 1750 lbs of vehicle weight.

The ramps also come with rubber coated tabs that go a long way in protecting your tailgate from scratches. What’s more, the box comes with adjustable straps that you can use to secure your ramps in place, preventing damages to your truck during transportation.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight, fully welded aluminum ramp
  • Compact, easy to store when folded
  • Ideal for short-bed trucks
  • Extruding rectangular for bending resistance;
  • Supports up to 1750lbs
  • Heavy duty joints and hinges (welded, not riveted)
  • Rubber coated tabs for protecting tailgate from scratches
  • Adjustable straps help secure the ramps in place

8. Highland (1120500) 69" Aluminum Straight Loading Ramp Review:

The Highland (1120500) 69" is another top-rated loading ramp that makes the seemingly tiring loading job easier and faster. It’s unlike most of the loading ramps you’ve used before in that it comes with a high-quality aluminum construction for extended lifespan.

The straight ramp measures 13 inches wide and 69 inches long, and it holds a total weight capacity of 1250 lbs (625lbs each). This means that it can easily load most of the heavy-duty products you can think of. Unlike most of the loading ramps out there, this package comes with adjustable attachment safety straps for even easier loading of your products.

The fact that the entre ramps’ surfaces come with corrosion and rust resistant coating takes its durability to a higher level. Most importantly, it comes with a one-year limited warranty that gives you some peace of mind as you continue using your ramps.

Highlighted Features

  • Straight ramp measuring 13 inches x 69 inches
  • 625lbs weight capacity
  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Sold as a pair
  • Adjustable straps included
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • One year limited warranty

9. Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set Review:

Our second last spot goes to the Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set. It is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic material to offer you a lightweight solution, which is also sturdy enough to help you easily get underneath your vehicle and safely conduct your repairs, oil change, maintenance, etc.

The wallet-friendly ramp set comes with a unique design of a core parabolic arch running through its center. This promotes maximum support as well as even weight distribution when under use.

Besides, the ramps feature a grid design that allows snow, water, and dirt to fall through it. And this translates to an all-weather friendly ramp that you can use anytime, anywhere, regardless of the type of weather. Measuring 9.8 inches wide and 35 inches long, you can trust the two pieces to reliability hold your car tires.

As for the weight limit, the ramps can hold up to 12,000 lbs, making them ideal for handling a broad range of heavy-duty vehicles. The plastic stops situated at the front and rear parts prevent your car from sliding, even when working on a slippery surface.

-core parabolic arch for support and even weight distribution

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • 12,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Grid design facilitates all weather use
  • Measures 9.8 inch X 35 inch

10. Race Ramps RR-56-2 56" Race Ramp Review:

Finally, we take a look at Race Ramps RR-56-2 56", another highly popular ramp from Race Ramp manufacturers. Like the previous model, this ramp is constructed using a patented process for the ultimate quality. The pair measures 56 inches long and allows you to get underneath your vehicle (whether it’s a low profile or a low clearance vehicle) easily and quickly.

Like all the other ramps we have discussed above, the pair is constructed using lightweight, strong, and durable materials to enable them to take any punishment easily. The lightweight design, in particular, facilitates the portability of these two bad boys- allowing you to carry them in your truck effortlessly.

Besides, they come with straps for even easier carry and storage. Each of the ramps can hold up to 1500 lbs (so both of them will hold up to 3000 lbs)- making it ideal for a wide range of SUVs and heavy-duty trucks that weigh 3000 pounds or less.

Probably the best part about this pair of ramps is how it easily hugs the ground you use it in, without sliding or slipping. In other words, you can use it on just any other surface you can think of- from mud to dirt, wet cement, and even ice! Don’t forget that this pair or ramps is unlike the other ramps in that it’s not going to dig into, blemish, or scratch your floors.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed using a patented process
  • Each package comprises two pieces
  • Each ramp holds up to 1500 lbs
  • Lightweight, strong, and durable ramps
  • No sharp edges that might damage your floors
  • A large solid bottom that doesn’t skid or slide on any surface

Car Ramp Buying Guide For Newbies

In choosing the best ramp for your heavy duty vehicle, you’ll need to consider the few KEY factors I’ve listed below…

1. Material

Car ramps are made from a wide range of materials- including metal, wood, plastic, etc. Though all the ramps come with a sturdy construction, some are better suited to withstand the tougher treatments you can think of than the others.

Besides, the type of material used to make your ramp also determines its portability, storability, weight, and even durability.

2. Ease of Use

The second most important factor to look for in a car ramp is how easy and convenient it is to use.

One way to tell if the ramp you want to buy is easy to use it looking at its base. A great ramp should come with a non-skid bottom to significantly reduce slippage cases, allowing you to position your vehicle on the ramp top easily.

Others come with a bump to help you easily pack your vehicle on top.

A good ramp should also create enough space under the car for you to get in effortlessly.

3. Vehicle Weight

Just like floor jacks, you should also consider the weight of your vehicle before buying a car ramp.

These highly valuable tools also come with different weight capacity ratings. If you have a light car, you can go for just any ramp on the market. For the SUV or heavy trucks owners, however, you should be careful when purchasing the ramp. Check your car user manual first to see its exact weight and then look for a ramp with corresponding weight capacity.

Tip: It’s highly advisable to go for a ramp with slightly higher weight capacity than that of your vehicle.

4. Price

It’s also a good idea to come up with a reasonable budget before buying a car ramp.

Like most of the other products you’ve bought before, these tools come in a range of prices- with some hanging on the lower pricing end and the others on the higher pricing end.

That said, don’t get fooled that the expensive models have better quality than the cheaper models. From experience, I can assure you that you can get an affordable ramp that has good quality and meets all your heavy duty car lifting needs.

5. Warranty

One more tip- always check if your car ramp comes with a warranty. Let me tell you why…

If a manufacturer knows for sure that their product is designed with the ultimate durability, meets all the quality standards, and performs excellently, they won’t shy away from giving their customers a sufficiently long warranty to clear their doubts about the product.

If you see a model with a warranty, consider it as one of the top models you’d want to buy.

As you can see, buying a car ramp isn’t quite hard. You just need to consider a few factors I’ve outlined above and bam; you got the perfect ramp for your vehicle!

10 Tips For Using Your Car Ramp Properly

As I’ve told you countless times, car ramps are quite convenient and safer option for raising your vehicle whenever you want to get underneath and perform and some repairs and maintenance.

However, using your ramp correctly is the secret to enjoying all the benefits this tool comes with.

Below are some top tips to use your car ramp properly:

>when setting the ramp, first place it in front of your car tires such that the lower slope lies exactly at the center of the tire for balance purposes.

At the same time, ensure the car wheels are facing the ramp in a straight manner.

>ensure the wheels of the car rest on the center of your ramp. Most ramps come with a small bump situated right at the end to help you know when to stop and avoid overdriving.

>if you’re having issues driving your car to the ramp, you can ask your friend or family member to guide you.

>be sure to use your ramp on a hard, level concrete/paved surface. Wet or slippery surfaces might give you a hard time driving up the ramp

>sometimes your ramp might slide forward as you try to drive up on it. This is an indication that you’re driving slowly, so you’d want to speed up a bit (but with caution).

>pulling the parking brake after successfully parking your vehicle over the ramp goes a long way in ensuring that the car doesn’t move when you’re underneath.

>, in addition to the parking brake trick, you’d also want to place wheel clocks near your car tires to further ensure the car can’t make any move. Consider setting one wheel clock near the front of rear wheel plus another one behind it.

>for even more extra caution, considering using your car ramp alongside your car jack.

>while under your car, NEVER attempt to work on any part that can free the brakes or the transmissions and possibly cause your vehicle to move.

>I’d also recommend you against using your own ramp (the one you’ve made at home). While they might save you some dollars, their durability and sturdiness can’t be compared with that of commercial ramps.

Video: How To Use Car Ramps Properly

Final Verdict

Doubtlessly, car ramps are easier and more convenient alternatives to the floor jacks. They enjoy much broader usage because they raise your car more easily and in a stable, safe position.

As a heavy duty car owner looking for the best car ramp, using our brief guide above will help you easily get the right model for you.

Besides, you can order your car ramp right now from our list of the 10 most popular heavy duty car ramps to help you easily repair or maintain your car.

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