Top 12 Best Floor Jack Reviews For The Money – 2022

Looking for the best floor jack?

Having used different floor jacks for years, I can assure you that getting the best jack isn’t a walk in the pack…

…and all the vehicle owners and professional mechanics will attest to that fact.

The different models differ in terms of performance, safety, durability, etc.

So, how do you secure the best model for your vehicle or garage?

Whether you’re looking to buy a new floor jack or replace your existing model, I’m here to
help you get the best one that matches your specific needs while being easy on your pocket.

(Plus I’ll show you how to shop for the best one on your own)

Let’s get started:


Product Name

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Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Jack

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Jack

Performance Tool W1645 Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb

Pro-Lift F-767

What's a Floor Jack?

A floor jack is one of the top tools you’ll find in any garage you visit…or in the trunk of every vehicle owner.

It is a compact, essential tool that comes specially designed to help you effortlessly elevate your vehicle (whether it’s a compact car or a heavy-duty truck). This way, it becomes much easier and safer to perform a number of procedures on your car like:

  • Changing a flat tire
  • Performing a major overhaul of the undercarriage
  • Oil change
  • Access all the other hard to reach areas your under your vehicle and conveniently
  • And so much more

This fantastic piece of equipment usually relies on the hydraulics mechanism to raise a select corner of your car so that you can get easy access to any place you wish to inspect or work on.

Because different floor jacks come with different lifting capabilities (as well as other features), I urge to play your cards well when making a purchase to ensure you get a model that matches your needs and requirements.

In the light of this, allow me to share with you the 12 top-rated, best floor jacks you can find on the market today with a small budget…

Best Floor Jack Reviews:

1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack Review:

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Jack

Opening our floor jack reviews is the Powerzone 380044, a jack that enjoys unbeatable popularity all over the US and other parts of the world. It comes with a lifting capacity of 3 ton and lifting range of 4 to 18 ¼ inches- making it suitable for meeting your at-home or mechanic car lifting needs.

This jack is unlike the others which feature steel construction all over, making them almost impossible to handle. It comes with a frame design from the lightweight aluminum metal which helps improve its portability.

And I can assure you that carrying this jack around is 100% possible.
Now that it’s made of lightweight material, you’d be asking yourself where it draws its high lifting capabilities…well, it comes with a heavy-duty steel lift arm which gives it the strength and durability to lift a car has heavy as 3 tons without any issues.

This works hand in hand with the quick lift hydraulic system, making the lifting process even more easier and faster.
And oh! There’s a safety valve integrated into this jack to prevent you from lifting more weight than the equipment is capable of.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lifting capacity: 3 ton (6000 pounds)
  • Lift range: 4- 18 ¼ inches
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and heavy-duty steel lift arm construction
  • Quick lifting hydraulic system
  • Rubber padded saddle for protecting your car frame
  • Rear wheel swivels for hassle-free positioning
  • Easy to follow manual

2. Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack Review:

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Jack

If you’re looking for the best low profile floor jack, you can never go wrong with the Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack. This top-rated jack is proudly made by Arcan, a respectable brand in the automotive accessories industry. And comes with a compact, sleek look for increased mobility and maneuverability.

As one of the best low profile floor jacks, this Arcan will slip underneath your low vehicle without any issue. And when I say low, I mean as low as 2.75” to 24”. Besides, it comes with a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons, making it ideal for lifting a wide range of cars.

If you’re used to the floor jacks that require you to make countless strokes to achieve a full height, you’ll find this jack a great option. It comes with faster lifting capabilities, thanks to its integrated dual pump which will let you lift your car 2x faster than other models.

Similar to our previous model, the jack also features a safety valve that stops you from overloading it. And its steel construction gives it the strength and durability to keep going.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design; with the versatility of a full-size jack
  • Dual pump promotes quick lifting
  • Safety valve stops overloading attempts
  • Universal joint release mechanism for a more precise control
  • Compatible with the ASME PALD 2009 standard
  • 2-ton lifting capacity

3. Performance Tool W1645 Professional 3 Ton Low Profile Jack Review:

Performance Jack

Next up is the Performance Tool W1645 floor jack, a model ideal for all the professional mechanics looking for a reliable model. With a lifting capacity of up to 7,000 lbs., this is the jack you need for heavy duty lifting jobs- like lifting the heavy trucks and machinery.

One thing that sets it from the other low profile jacks is the fact that it comes with a low profile design. As such, you can easily get it underneath any vehicle, including those with low ground clearance.

As per the owner manual, you can trust this jack to lift a car from as low as 4 inches to as high as 25.5 inches! Like our previous (second) model above, this Performance Tool product also boasts of a dual pump mechanism which allows you to lift your vehicle much faster (and get the job done much faster).

Because its casters are set to swivel easily, you can easily move this low profile jack around on even floors. Additionally, it comes with an average weight of 85 lbs., meaning you won’t need a lot of effort to move it around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Load capacity of 7,000 lbs. or 3 ton
  • Lift range: 3-1/2'' to 20-1/2''
  • A dual pump mechanism for faster lifting
  • Rubber saddle padding for your vehicle protection
  • Overload safety valve

4. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb. Triple Lift Jack Review:

Powerbuilt 400 ib

The Powerbuilt 620422E eliminates the hassle and expenses associated with buying, maintaining, and storing a handful of jacks and jack stands. It’s the only jack that can lift nearly everything that bears wheels.

 Plus it works for removing/replacing your vehicle differentials and transmission’s as well.

Ranked as one of the best hydraulic jack models, this jack offers you a lifting capacity of 4000 lbs., qualifying it to lift everything you can think of- from cars to trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. It’s secret to working with nearly all vehicles lies in the Triple Lift functionality that perfectly adapts to the frames of different vehicles.

Since it comes with a locking safety bar, you can safely hold it in place once you raise your vehicle to your desired height. This eliminates the need for using a jack stand as it’s the case with other floor jacks.

Remember that this lift offers you all these features and functionalities at an unbelievably low price tag!

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly durable
  • Extremely easy to use
  • A patented design featuring padded lift rails and removable saddle
  • Flexible design enables it to easily adapt to different vehicle frames
  • Lifting capacity: 4000lbs
  • Meets/exceeds the ANSI standards
  • Locking safety bar for folding the jack in place when in a raised position

5. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack Review:


Another best low profile floor jack I’d recommend you to buy today is the Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Jack. It comes with an Extra Low Profile design that gives you a hassle-free access to any low ground clearance vehicle. And allows you to lift your car within generous lifting range of 3-1/2 inches to 14 inches.

With a load capacity of 2 tons, this floor jack is more than sufficient for lifting small to medium sized family automotive. The jack comes designed from heavy duty steel for the ultimate strength and durability. In spite of steel design, it weighs 30 lbs., giving it a lightweight feel that lets you easily move it from one place to another.

For user safety, it comes integrated with a patented device that stops any over pumping attempts. This is a welcome feature, given that most jacks don’t have it. What’s more, it comes with a safety valve that efficiently stops overloading attempts.

For the best low profile jack at exceptionally low prices, think Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack!

Highlighted features:

  • Extra low profile
  • Lifting range: 3-1/2 inches to 14 inches
  • 2-ton capacity
  • Patented safety device prevents over pumping attempts
  • Built-in safety valve for overloading protection
  • Heavy-duty steel constriction
  • Comes with the with SFA 90 Days Warranty

6. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack Review:

Blackhawk B6350

Don’t let your small budget stop you from getting a heavy-duty floor jack…because I’ve got Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Jack for you. It’s a relatively affordable and comfortable to use jack that comes with an insane lifting capacity of 3.5 tons (or up to7, 000 lbs.) to let you handle any heavy duty lifting tasks you have at hand.

It also boasts a unique design of the Fast Lift Technology which allows you to fast lift it to the jacking point withno load. This will let you do your job faster than the other jacks out there.

It does a great job at lifting standard profile (not low profile) vehicles with a ground clearance of about 8-inches. Such cars include SUVs, heavy trucks, and large sized cars.

With an overall steel design, this unit has the strength needed to do heavy duty lifting for many years to come. For extra safety, it features the bypass device (prevents over pumping) and safety valve (prevents overloading attempts). And thanks to the full one year warranty, you’ll have a peace of mind when using this jack.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bypass device stops over pumping
  • 3.5-ton lifting capacity
  • Built-in safety valve prevents overloading
  • Swivel saddle, rear caster for hassle-free positioning
  • Rolled side frames for added strength and rigidity/stability
  • Heavy-duty steel design
  • Fast Lifting Technology
  • Comes with full one-year warranty

7. Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack Review:

Torin Big Red T83002 Pro

If looking for the best 3-ton floor jack that’s reasonably priced, say hello to Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack. With a lifting capacity of 3 tons, this particular model will work well in any garage. And can lift any car or truck you want to repair.

The highly affordable Torin jack offers you a lifting range of 5.12-inches to 20.1-inches which allows you to easily lift just any truck or car. As with the other models that made it to this list, this model also comes designed with your safety in mind.

 It has a built-in safety overload system that prevents you from using it beyond the manufacturer-rated capacity (a common mistake made by many users). And thanks to the jack’s wide stance, it’s able to provide unbeatable stability when under load.

Transporting and storing this jack isn’t an issue since it comes with a two-piece handle to facilitate that. The overall steel construction enhances its sturdiness and longevity.
Again, Torin Big Red T83002’s price is right where it should be!

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 Ton load capacity
  • Durable steel casters with 360 degrees swivel capabilities
  • Lifting range: 5.12-inches to 20.1-inches
  • Features a safety overload system
  • Wide stance for extra stability under load
  • Two-piece handle for easy storage, transportation

8. Pittsburgh1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump Review:

The Pittsburgh1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack won a place in our best floor jack reviews not only due to its low pricing but also its overall good quality. It comes with a lightweight, compact design that takes up less space in your garage and is easier to transport to any place.

Performance wise, the jack can lift automotive as heavy as 1.5 ton. This makes it ideal for use with small sized family cars that weigh around this value.

 It’s among the few models that feature the dual parallel pump system which facilitates after lifting process. That is, you can lift your car to a maximum height with just 3 ½ pumps.

Made with professional race teams in mind, this model features precision-machined, high-strength, aircraft aluminum billet for the ultimate strength and longevity. It also features a universal joint release mechanism that facilitates precision load control in all handle positions.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.5-ton lifting capacity
  • A dual parallel pump system
  • A quick lifting system
  • Precision-machined, high-strength, aircraft aluminum billet
  • Two-piece knurled aluminum handle for sure grip
  • Perfect for professional race teams

9. Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity Review:

Mechanics and vehicle owners who prefer using aluminum floor jacks would find this Arcan as one of the best aluminum floor jack models on the market today. It’s a professional quality jack made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction for increased portability.

The mid-priced model comes with a 3 ton lift capacity, making it the ideal model for heavy duty jobs- lifting SUVs, trucks, heavy machinery, etc. Moreover, it offers you a minimum lift height of 3¾ inches so that you can use it with the low profile vehicles as well.

The ball bearing mounted swivel caster wheels combine with the wide track front wheels to offer you increased maneuverability and jack stability when under use.

Unlike its rivals, this Arcan’s saddle comes with rubber padding which helps protect your vehicle frame, components from potential damages when using the jack. The bypass and overload valves are also present for added operation safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-ton capacity
  • Only 3½-inch height needed to get under low loads
  • Two-stage quick lift
  • Maximum lift height: 19-1/4 inches
  • Conforms to the ANSI/ASME and PALD standards
  • 2-pc handle for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

10. Pro-Lift G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack Review:

The Pro-Lift G-737 provides you with a load capacity of 3 ½ tons, which is more than enough for lifting your car, SUV, and other heavy duty vehicles you can think of. 

Coupled with the quick lift function, this model allows you to raise your car to 2 inches per stroke, making it one of the few floor jacks for getting the job done quickly.

Because it features a universal joint release, this jack also grants you full control over the movement of your load, regardless of the handle position. The side frames come fully fortified to give it the extra strength it needs to hold your car. Moreover, the side frame reduces chances of twisting (i.e., it boosts the jack’s stability).

Like other top-rated jacks, this Pro-Lift features a rubber padded saddle that offers protection to your vehicle when in use. It provides you with a magnetic tool tray where you can store small parts of your job site- making it a highly convenient floor jack!

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy, simple to use 
  • 3½ ton capacity
  • Rubber saddle protects your vehicle when lifting
  • Universal joint release mechanism for precision control of load descent in all handle positions
  • Magnetic tool tray for keeping small parts around your job site for added convenience
  • Rolled side frames promotes strength and rigidity
  • Foam handle for comfortable pumping
  • Lift Range: 5-1/2 to 22 inch

11. JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Review:

The JEGS Performance Products 80006 was inspired by the Sprint Cup's lightweight pit jacks. It comes reasonably priced but with the professional quality to suit the need of all mechanics and automotive owners out there. It’s capable of lifting up to 2-ton loads safely and conveniently.

One thing you’d appreciate in this model is its lightweight nature- it weighs only 49 lbs. - which makes it more portable than its competitors. This is primarily due to its overall durable but lightweight aluminum construction.

With a minimum saddle height of 3 ½ inches, you’ll have an easy time using this jack on vehicles with low ground clearance.

With a maximum saddle height of 19 ¼ and hydraulic lift of 15 ¾, this is also a good pick for folks looking for a high lift floor jack. The rubber lift padding prevents marring of your car while the two-piece handle (with hand sleeve) offers protection to the sides of your vehicle during use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional grade 2-ton floor jack
  • Low profile design
  • High-strength aluminum construction
  • Weighs 49lbs. only

12. Powerzone 380033 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack Review:

Lastly, if you are experiencing hard economic times, this is your part. The Powerzone 380033 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack comes with an insanely low price, but that doesn’t compromise its quality in any way.

It comes with a total lifting capacity of 2 tons, making it suitable for all vehicle owners with small to medium sized cars.

It offers you other premium features that you cannot find in other models that fall in its price range. For instance, it comes with a generous lifting range of 5-1/4 inch to 13 inch, which means that positing it underneath any car is extremely easy and hassle-free. It features a durable steel construction for strength and longevity.

Like other top-quality models, it comes with a safety valve that prevents you from overloading it beyond the manufacturer’s recommended capacity. Thanks to its rear wheels that are set to swivel, deploying this model in any handle position is 100% possible and easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-ton capacity
  • Lifting range: 5-1/4 inch to 13 inch
  • Rear wheels for easy jack positioning
  • Equipped with safety valve for preventing overloading
  • Portable, easy to use

Why You Need a Floor Jack?

A brilliant question…
Whether you’re an armature automotive owner or a seasoned mechanic, I can’t stress enough the need to have a top-quality jack within reach.
It’s your best buddy when you find yourself in emergencies or accidents.
Aside from that, you’ll need to arm yourself with a high-quality floor jack in the following situations:

For professional mechanics: can you imagine your workstation without a floor jack? I’m pretty sure you’ll need to access the hard to reach, underneath areas of your clients’ cars almost every day. On top of this, you’ll be dealing with cars of different sizes and weights.

So, if you don’t have a floor jack, you could be sending away your customers and slashing down your profits.

For ALL vehicle owners: Most of the times, you’ll agree with me that you find your car needing some repair/fixing. And most of these repairs will require you to get under your car, making a floor jack a necessity for you.

What If You Don’t Own A Floor Jack?

The only option you’ll have is taking your car to the mechanic- bear in mind you’ll spend time and money in the process.

What if you had your own jack?

You’d lift the car on your own and fix the issue at hand (and probably learn something new) and at the same time save your cash and time.

  • Imagine a situation where your company owns a fleet of buses or trucks. There’s not a single doubt that these will also need regular maintenance- like changing tires, oils, etc.…and instead of hiring a mechanic and meeting all that cost, why don’t you invest in an affordable heavy-duty car jack today?
  • And if you’re like me and you already own a great floor jack, you’d think of lending it to your neighbors or friends at a fee!

These are some of the key instances where a top-quality floor jack proves highly useful. I know you can relate with one of these scenarios.

As you’ve already witnessed in our best car jacks reviews above, you can find a cheap (but high-performance) jack today and save yourself money and time in these situations.

The Ultimate Floor Jack Buying Guide For Newbies

Have never used/bought a floor jack before?
Don’t panic. I got you.
In this section, I’ll give you a list of the TOP questions that will help you obtain a floor jack that meets your vehicles(s) lifting needs:

1. What type of floor jack do you need?

The best way to start your search for the most suitable floor jack for your need involves determining which jack will work for you.

The market has different kinds of floor jacks namely- scissors, hydraulic, bottle/piston, and high lift floor jack.

All of them have different working mechanisms and performed capabilities (we’ll discuss them in details later in this post), and settling on one type will narrow down your choices.

2. What material is the floor jack you wish to buy made of?

Most of the jacks on the market today come design with two main materials- steel and aluminum. Some come with a combination of both metals.

The best aluminum floor jack models are usually lightweight, making them more portable and ideal for light-duty tasks. Steel, on the other hand, usually feels heavier and sturdier and is less portable and perfect option for heavy-duty lifting jobs.

The material used to make your floor jack determines it durability level. The trick here involves avoiding the poorly built (fragile) jacks that might break easily and send you back to the market.

3. Which brand should you buy from?

Don’t just buy your floor jack from any brand you come across; buy from trusted brands.

This will give you an assurance that you're buying quality product that will provide you with its services for longer, without any issues.

Some of the top brands I’d recommend you to buy from include:

  • USATNM (USA Tools n More): products from this manufacturers are made in the USA with the best-quality materials making them highly reliable and durable.
  • Pittsburg: you can also buy from Pittsburg with the promise of getting long-lasting floor jacks at reasonable prices.
  • Arcan: this brand has earned respect from car owners and mechanics for its highly reliable products. Plus they allow you to return a jack if it breaks for replacement- with NO questions asked!
  • Powerzone: if you’re looking for the best floor jack for the money, Powerzone products will give you exactly that. They design professional grade jacks in varied sizes and types to meet your needs, while minding your pocket needs.

Note: This doesn’t mean that all the other brands I didn’t mention in this list make poor quality floor jacks. These are simply the top brands that you can always be 100% sure of their quality.

4. What’s your floor jack’s lifting capacity?

I’m sorry I didn’t mention this at the beginning of this guide but it’s the most important factor in helping you pick the right jack for your needs.
The lifting capacity of jack refers to its minimum and maximum weights it can lift.

That means that you’d need to compare the lifting capabilities of the model you wish to buy with the total weight of the car(s) you plant to lift. If you’ve got heavier cars, say trucks, you’ll deficiently need a more powerful floor jack (with higher lifting capabilities).

Follow this Rule of Thumb: Go for jacks with maximum lifting capacity that’s equal to or higher than the total weight of your car.

5. What about the lifting speed and range?

Did you know that different automotive floor jacks come with different lifting ranges?
As you’ve seen from our product reviews above, this range is specified in inches. And noting the minimum and maximum lifting ranges is an equally critical factor in your hunt for an ideal jack for your needs.

On top of this, you’d want to know the lifting speed of a floor jack before buying it. The standard models come with a speed of 8-10 strokes to reach the full height.

Most people would prefer a model that has higher lifting speed, especially in emergency situations.
In that case, you’d want to pick a model with dual lifting pistons or quick lifting mechanism for faster lifting.

7. What design profile suits your needs?

You’ll also note that different models come with different design profiles- which offers you either the low- or standard profile.

If you have a car with low ride height, e.g. sports car, some sedans, etc., you’d want to go with the low profile jack as it allows you to easily roll it under your vehicle.

Otherwise, you can opt for the standard profile models.

6. How much are you willing to spend for a floor jack?

Lastly, what budget have you set aside for buying a floor jack? The tools also come at varying prices. The fact that some are pricey doesn’t make them the only jacks capable of getting the job done.

If you come up with a reasonable budget, I can guarantee that you’ll find a good quality jack that gets the job done as per your expectations.
Alternatively, you can also visit my list of the Best Floor Jack Reviews above for affordable, top-rated models.

How To Use a Floor Jack?

Using the floor jacks isn’t limited to the experience drivers, DIY enthusiasts or professional mechanics only. As long as you’ve got the ideal jack with you, you can learn how to use it with a simple guide like the one I’m going to give you below:

First, some precaution tips:

Talking from experience, id urge you to always put safety first when employing your floor jack. --One way to do this involves putting the clothing designed for garage environment- like coveralls, hand protection, steel-toed footwear, and safety glasses to ensure you’re fully covered and protected from potential accidents.

  • Before engaging the jack, check that it’s ready to execute the job at hand. NEVER think of lifting anything with your jack that’s beyond its maximum lifting capacity.
  • If your vehicle is already loaded, take account of the extra weight as well.
  • NEVER use blocks or bricks to prop up your vehicle; use jack stands specially designed for the job instead.
  • For maximum safety and ease of use, deploy your floor jack on a flat surface; ensure you set the emergency brakes too.

Using your floor jack:

  • Assuming you’ve already put your vehicle into parking and set the emergency brakes, roll your floor jack under your vehicle.
  • Turn on the jack at the top of your jack and start pumping the handle until the pads touch your vehicle and gently lift it.
  • Once you lift your car to the desired height- that allows you to do the job- place the jack stands.

(If you didn’t know, a jack/safety stand is a metallic protrusion that prevents your car from falling in case your jack fails)
Place the stands as far as practical and lower your car onto the stand and start your job.

  • When you’re done, lower the vehicle slowly as you steadily turn the valve clockwise.

Trolley Jack vs Floor Jack?

Both the trolley jack and floor jack help you lift your car so that you can easily and safely conduct the necessary repairs and maintenance.
But which one should you really pick- a trolley or floor jack?

To get the answer to this question, you need to first define your specific jack needs and compare them with the performance of the two jacks.
With that said, let me give you some key details that define each of the two models:

 1. Trolley Jack

A trolley jack usually comes with a compact design, plus smooth rolling wheels/casters plus an easy to carry handle. This makes the extremely easy to carry from one place to another…and their compact design makes it possible to carry them in your trunk for use in case of emergencies.
Most people prefer trolley jacks due to their ease of use; they require minimum effort to use
They also offer higher lifting capacity and range than the other models

2. Floor Jack

Floor jacks, on the other hand, employ hydraulic mechanism to help you lift your vehicle for easy repair and maintenance. They’re ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as lifting buses, trucks, and other heavy machineries.
Given their bigger size, these models aren’t portable and you cannot easily move them from one place to another, leave alone carrying them in your trunk.
They also offer a high lifting capacity and range.
Which of the two models matches your automotive lifting needs?

Types Of Floor Jack

I promised to take you through the details of the various types of floor jacks on the market today.

The most common floor jacks you’ll get out there include:

Hydraulic Floor Jack

This is the most popular type of floor jack. Car owners and mechanism cites its convenience as the main reason they love it.

The model typically consists of a trolley, with 4 wheels which accommodate the hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder usually raises/lowers a lever arm and small platform that interfaces with your vehicle to lift it.

The best hydraulic jack is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require you to put in a lot of effort to lift your vehicle.
Besides, the models tend to offer higher lifting capacity than other variants.

 Scissor Floor Jack

A scissor floor jack comes characterized by compact (space-saving) and lightweight design. Its working mechanism involves a lead screw that compresses a scissor linkage to enhance lifting of your car.

Given its compact design, this model has limits in terms of its lifting capacity and the maximum height it can offer you.
It’s also important to note that most manufacturers tend to ship their cars to their buyers with this model.

Bottle/Piston Floor Jack

Models that fall in this category rely on hydraulic mechanism to lift their cars. But unlike the hydraulic models above, the piston or bottle floor jacks comprise concentric cylinders for extra stiffness.

The fact that it features a small footprint makes it ideal for use on uneven surfaces- where much stability is needed- as well as in limited spaces.
When fully compressed, this model still looks high and might give you headaches if you plan to use it on cars with lower ride heights- like sports cars and sedans.

If you want to lift trucks, I suggest that you go with a bottle or piston floor jack as it provides the highest lifting capacity.

 Final Verdict

We’ve reached the end of our best floor jacks post. I’ve equipped you with all the information you need on how to buy the best floor jack for your car, the different models you’re likely to find on the market. And how to use your model easily and safely.

In our reviews section, I’ve given you my list of the 12 most popular floor jacks with reasonable prices.

If you order from my list right now, I can guarantee that you’ll not only save some cash but you’ll also get yourself a quality jack that serves you extremely well and for generations.

Rick Man Joorian

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