Best Shocks For Trucks – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

To ALL truck drivers,

Have you fitted your truck with any of the best truck shocks on the market today?

If not, this could be the reason you’ve been having unpleasant travelling experiences, more so whenever you encounter speed bumps, potholes, quick starts/stops, etc.

However, it’s not too late to install these shock absorbers in your car and smooth out all your future rides. You don’t want to bump your head against your car ceiling again after hitting the potholes (that awkward feeling).

I don’t want you to waste a single second in the shops looking for the perfect shocks for your car, so I’ll share with you the 10 most popular models dominating the market right now.


Product Name

Our Rating


Bilstein BE56681H8

Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series

Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck Shocks

ACDelco 519-2 Shock Absorber

Bilstein 24-187367 5100 Series

What are Truck Shocks?

Have never come across a truck shock? It’s okay, I understand. Let me give you a feel of what it looks like and how it works…

A truck shock, also known as truck dampener or shock absorber, does exactly what its name suggests. It absorb shock or dampens your ride. In simpler terms, it does a remarkable job at quelling those bouncing and shaking that result from speed bumps, potholes, and the like.

How it works:

The dampener works by connecting the spring to your truck wheels- through the frame and axles method. Thus, as you drive your truck, the springs will then bounce in accordance with the terrain you’re on.

As you know, failing to control the bounces that occur when driving causes the chassis to efficiently respond to every action of the springs, resulting in a bumpy ride.

Add the fact that the tires tend to rebound differently from springs and that will bring you into a situation where you’re likely to lose total control of your vehicle.

A good truck shock work tirelessly to ensure the tires and springs do not conspire to make you lose contact with the road.

I promised to give you the 10 best shocks for trucks dominating the market today, so let’s get into the details right away…

10 Best Truck Shocks Reviews:

1. Bilstein BE56681H8 Shock Absorber Review:

Bilstein BE56681H8 Shock Absorber

If you own a lifted truck or SUV, the Bilstein BE56681H8 Shock Absorber have been designed for you. It comes from Bilstein, one of the most respected names in the truck shocks industry, with over 60 years of excellent products and services.

It ranks among the best in terms of performance, allowing you to enjoy more peaceful and thrilling future rides…without breaking the bank.

One of the top attributes of this shock is its monotube design which lets you enjoy the high performance all day long (that is, a consistent, fade-free ride smoothening).

In addition to this, it comes with a unique design, digressive and velocity sensitive piston which smoothly responds to the road changing conditions. This will give you a memorable trip, no doubt!

Installing these shocks on your truck is the easiest part, even for absolute beginners.

The durable construction (standard across all Bilstein products) assures you of great services for a prolonged period of time. The zinc finish in particular keeps off harsh elements, e.g. rusting and corrosion, which might interfere with its functionality

Highlighted Features:

  • Monotube design for a consistent performance
  • Unique, velocity sensitive piston
  • Remarkable ride quality and comfort
  • Lifetime warranty

2. Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber Review:

Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock

Also from Bilstein, we have the 5100 Series Rear gas Shock Absorber. If you’re an aggressive road user and are looking for the best way to improve your lifted truck/SUV suspension, then you got to look into this particular Bilstein.

It has been designed to help you get total control of your car, even on the toughest of the terrains!

The shock absorber features a 46mm long monotube design, which increases the surface area of the piston. This in turn double the dampening power of the shocks to give you better handling, consistent performance, and even a longer service life!

Similar to other Bilstein products, the shocks come with patented valving system that automatically responds and adjusts to the changing road surfaces.

This further enhances the shocks dampening capabilities, regardless of how rock the road looks like, and regardless of whether your loaded or not.

The zinc finish not only makes the product appealing to the eye but also keeps off corrosion, ensuring you continue enjoying its performance for longer. Thanks to the OEM mounting hardware that accompany the package, installing this dampener on your truck has been made extremely easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • 46mm monotube design for a long-lasting performance
  • Patented valving system instantly responds to changing terrains
  • OEM certified mounting hardware promotes easy/quick installation
  • Comes in varied lift height for different applications
  • Durable, vulcanized rubber brushings
  • Made in the USA/Germany
  • Zinc plated for superior durability

3. Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber Review:

Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber

Our third spot goes to the Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber. It is a gas shock absorber specially designed for middling, hardworking and full-sized talks and vans. It’s popular for its commitment to delivering a completely firm control to your truck, eliminating incidences of bumpy rides.

It’s quite interesting to note that this model is designed with the All Weather Fluid technology, which comprises of special constituents that minimize friction as well as protect the smooth shock rod reaction.

The fact that the shock features a higher fluid capacity than the standard models enables it to output a greater, more efficient performance with extremely les effort.

This Monroe boasts of a full displaced valving which promotes its valving range in both the extension and compression cycles- resulting in super-smooth rides.

You’ll also enjoy using the sintered iron piston whose durability (and hence a long-lasting service) surpass that of other common metals used in other shock absorbers.

This nitrogen-charged Monroe gas shock is simply the best way to smoothen your rides, increase your handling, and maintaining a great tire-road contact (by reducing the aeration that occurs during heavy use).

If you’re looking for upgrade your current truck shock, this is a real deal for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 3/8” bore for lower operating pressure
  • 2” reverse tube allows increased fluid volume for a consistent performance
  • 5/8” piston rod with heavy-duty nitrocarburization for extended lifespan
  • Easy and quick to install

4. ACDelco 519-2 Specialty Spring Assisted Shock Absorber Review:

ACDelco Specialty

Our list keeps getting better, with the ACDelco 519-2 Specialty Spring Assisted Shock Absorber. This model is an all-time favorite for all truck owners/drivers.

And that’s for a good reason- it combines the advantages of both the standard spring and shock technologies to significantly lower the height you lose when driving a heavily loaded truck.

One of the shock’s signature features is the constant rate front coil springs. Why they’re great? Well, they give you a higher level of stability as well as help you maintain your ride height. That means a peaceful trip for you.

Besides, its variable rate rear coil springs delivers a combined assisted force of about 500 pounds- increasing the volume of load/goods you can carry with your truck.

The integrated seamless DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing efficiently minimizes the wear and tear possibilities of this shock, assuring you of long-lasting service.

To further enhance its durability, the ACDelco features a super-finish chrome piston which has high resistant to corrosion, and promotes constant wear and proper seal lubrication.

To ensure that this product lives to its intended purpose, ACDelco subjects it to a thorough, real-world tests before introducing it into the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Constant rate front oil for better stability and ride height maintenance
  • Variable rate rear coil springs allows you to carry more load
  • Superior product design for long-lasting service
  • Real-world tested to ensure it lives to its purpose

5. Bilstein 24-187367 5100 Series Front Shock for Dodge Ram 1500 09 Review:

Bilstein 24-187367 5100 Series Front Shock for Dodge Ram 1500 09

Our fifth spot of best trucks shocks reviews covers the Bilstein 24-187367 5100 Series Front Shock. This particular model has been designed with all the raised trucks, jeeps and SUVs in mind.

Like all the other Bilsteins, the dampener is constructed from high-quality materials to grant you superior truck control and handling capability.

The shocks never dying popularity rises from the fact that it offers you superior dampening capabilities. And this makes it the ideal model for all truck drivers involved in heavy-hauling, off-road activities, or any other day-to-day driving.

Like the other Bilstein models, it also has a monotube design which automatically adjusts to the road terrains to give you the smoothest rides you’ve ever had in your life!

The shock absorber is extremely easy to set up, thanks to its direct bolt-on installation technique. What’s more, it comes with a large diameter body plus a multi-layer zinc finish to give you a consistent, fade-free performance.

And yes, it also comes with the Bilstein’s lifetime limited warranty (alongside its truly durable design) making it one of the top shocks you need to have in your truck right now!

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable materials construction
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Digressive piston
  • Excellent performance
  • Lifetime warranty

6. KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock Review:

Looking for a heavy-duty monotube shock for you dear truck? The KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock is the answer. This is a tough shock designed for the toughest conditions.

That is, it provides you with the unmatched stability that the heavier, more powerful (or higher center of gravity) truck demands!

The gas shock is similar to all the Bilsteins we recently reviewed in that it features a monotube design. This allows it to deliver a fade-free performance for longer periods of time.

In fact, the shock will give your vehicle 40% more damping power compared to the standard shocks out there. Add this to the fact that it automatically adjust to the changing terrains and you’ll have mind-blowing trips regardless of the road you’re driving on or what you’re carrying.

In terms of durability, this KYB does not disappoint. It features a heavy-duty piston with zinc coating that allows it to stay strong for longer (letting you enjoy the smooth trips for longer).

Again, the KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock is known for its outstanding performance in trucks that do real work, tow trailers, go off-road, or do heavy hauling. What does your truck do?

Highlighted Features:

  • 40% more damping power than standard models
  • Ideal for those who wish to upgrade their trucks’ suspension performance
  • Truck monotube design for exceptional dampening performance
  • Zinc-coated, stainless steel piston ring ensures positive steel, even in the most extreme conditions
  • Rubber boot that protects the shaft and keep off dirt and other debris from seals

7. Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber Review:

Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

If excellent control (and uncompromised ride control) is what you’ve been missing in your vehicle, then the Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber might be your permanent solution. The shock is designed to adjust rapidly to the changing road and truck weight, giving you extra control and superior comfort.

One thing that makes this dampener a favorite among truck drivers across the states is its Twin-technology Impact Control Valve (ICV). This enables you to enjoy the ultimate control over your vehicle in virtually all the driving conditions you can imagine.

On top of this, it features a patented LST (Low-Speed Tunabiltiy) piston that effectively isolates the impact-related vibration, noise, and harshness to give you an incredibly smooth, comfortable ride.

The All Weather Fluid technology, common across all the Monroe shocks, comprises of special modifiers that minimize friction and promote a smooth piston reaction, giving you a consistent performance.

It’s also interesting to learn that the full displaced valving system increases the valving range in both the extension and compression cycles, further enhancing the consistent, fade-free performance.

The piston is made of heavy-duty iron metal, plus it has chrome finish which gives it the durability it needs to serve you for extended periods of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • All Weather Fluid technology
  • Full Displaced valving
  • Fluon Banded piston
  • Hardened piston rod, with chrome plating for longer service life
  • High-pressure charge for excellent vehicle control

8. Monroe 911533 Reflex Light Truck Shock Absorber Review:

Another Monroe that makes up our list of best truck shock absorbers…this model comes specially engineered to offer better control, handling and performance for all the light trucks and SUVS ( and any other vehicle with a higher center of gravity). Does your truck fall in this category? If yes, this is the shock for you.

One of the top reasons you’re going to love this dampener its unique hydraulic lockout which efficiently isolates impact at the suspension travel limits. It boasts of a high-pressure nitrogen has charging that ensures ultra-tight damping response- granting you excellent car control.

This works hand in hand with the integrated ASD technology that senses road impacts within 12 milliseconds, to absorb hardness whenever necessary.

The end result? Greater control for handling plus enhanced comfort ride.

Like all the other Monroe shock absorbers, it incorporates All Weather Fluid technology whose special constituents significantly reduce friction during operation, ensuring a smoother rod reaction and extended service life.

Durability assumes a completely new curve in this Monroe, thanks to the high-strength, damage-resistant shock housing which guarantees you a longer services life. Additionally, the piston rod comes hardened and chrome-plated for added strength and overall superior durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • All weather fluid
  • Hydraulic lockout for isolating impact at the limits of suspension travel
  • High-pressure nitrogen charged
  • Heavy-duty damage resistant shock housing
  • Hardened, chrome plated piston rod

9. Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Air Shocks – 2 Pack Review:

Gabriel 49235 Hijacker

Hooray! We’re coming close to the end of our top truck shock reviews. At the 9th spot, we have the Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Air Shocks which comes in 2 packs for the ultimate performance.

It boasts of its rank as the America’s most popular air adjustable shock absorber, and comes with an average price tag to make it affordable to everyone.

Now that it comes in two pairs (quite a deal btw), it makes a great solution for temporarily towing trailers, boats or heavy loads…where it improves handling and at the same time minimizing bottom out risk.

Amazingly, each pair is capable of providing an extra lifting capacity of around 1,100 pounds (not exceeding your vehicle GVWR-Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

Similar to all the other Gabriel shocks, this model has a superior durability design. It has a super-finished, chromed piston rod that not only inhibits corrosion, but also promotes proper lubrication of the seal while offering a more consistent wear surface.

Adding to its durability is the leak-proof piston seal and DOM (Draw Over Mandrel) tubing that effectively reduces internal wear.

With all its features, you’ll agree with me that Gabriel 49235 HiJacker Air Shocks (pair pack) is an irresistible deal ready to give you a unique travel experience on the roads.

Highlighted Features:

  • America’s most popular air adjustable shock absorber
  • Suitable for temporarily towing trailers, boats or heavy loads
  • Significantly improves handling while reducing the bottoming out risk
  • Each pair delivers up to 1,100 pounds of extra lifting capacity
  • Super-finished, chromed piston rod inhibits corrosion
  • Leak-proof piston seal
  • DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing for reduced internal wear and extend product lifespan

10. ACDelco 520-431 Advantage Gas Charged Front Shock Absorber Review:

If you’re experiencing economic hard times and your truck needs a better shock absorber, consider this ACDelco 520-431 Advantage Gas Charged Front Shock Absorber. It comes with a reasonable pricing, but that doesn’t make its performance poor.

It comes with a list of remarkable features that team up to smoothen your shaky, bumpy or harsh truck ride the moment you install it.

The gas charged front shock absorber is one of the most durable products you’ll ever find on the market. This is proven by its super-finished, chromed piston rod which prevents corrosion from catching up with it while providing a more consistent wear surface.

Additionally, it features a DOM ((Drawn Over Mandrel) pressure cylinder whose smoother surface and minimized resistant enhance the extended product life.

It’s also one of the top-performing gas shocks for your truck, giving you a more easier and fun life on the roads. Unlike most of the gas shock models, it comes with an O-ring that supplies constant pressure to the inner tube for a more consistent, long-lasting performance.

Keep in mind that the ring also reduces the valve vulnerability to dirt and fatigue, resulting in a longer product life.

And like all the other ACDelco truck shocks, this product has undergone real-life test to confirm its vehicle fit and quality ride capabilities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-finished chromed piston keeps of corrosion while providing a more consistent wear surface
  • Piston seal adjust with wear to maintain a completely tight between the piston and pressure tube
  • O-ring keeps off dirt from reaching the valve while providing a constant pressure to inner tube
  • DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) pressure cylinder ensures a smoother surface with reduced resistance for extended use

Best Truck Shocks Buying Guide For Newbies

As a newbie, one of the hard truths you need to know is that you MUST know how to buy the best shocks for trucks. Otherwise you’ll waste your money in a non-functional shock.

Let these 5 questions guide you into discovering the right deal when it comes to truck shocks:

1. How durable is the shock?

A durable shocks is necessary as it helps you enjoy its service for a longer period of time.

That being said, be sure to pay attention to the housing of the shock you’re eyeing. It should be made from heavy-duty material that doesn’t give in easily to elements such as corrosion, rust, etc.

Also, pay attention to the piston rod. Ensure it’s made from high-strength metal. Most of them come with chrome/zinc finish to keep them from easily corroding, which can affect their functionality.

2. How about its performance?

This is easier to tell than you think. Just ensure you select a product from popular brands like Bilstein, Monroe, ACDelco, or Gabriel. These manufacturers has a reputation for giving you the best experience when driving your truck.

Additionally, you can rely on previous users’ feedback to get firsthand information on how the shocks you intend to buy perform.

3. Does the Shock fit your truck?

As a person who’s completely new to the world of truck shocks, you might be thinking that every shock can fit your vehicle.

The truth is: different shocks come in varied models for varied applications. Pay attention to whether your truck is 2WD or 4WD…because, as the experience truck owners will tell you, the usage of these trucks varies significantly.

The 4WD models will definitely require different shocks.

4. What do you usually use your truck for?

What you do with your truck or what you usually use it for should also guide you into picking the right model for your needs.

The firmer, rear shocks are great if you intend to tow or load your truck bed with tools They can also be an ideal pick if you wish to smooth our your rides on old roads with potholes or off-road.

On the contrary, we have the full suspension kit which gives you a less jarring off-road experience. By just replacing the front shocks, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly your car brakes.

5. Do you want to replace the entire shocks or just the front or rear ones?

Final question- do you intend to replace the entire shocks or just the front or rear ones?

In my opinion, I’ll advise you to do a full replacement and not just in front or rear. This way, you’ll notice a significant performance difference and you’ll absolutely fall in love again with your “new” truck!

As a side note, I’d advise you to rest the urge to add only one shock. Though most of the models are sold singly, it’s a good idea to put them in pairs if you’re just making a replacement. This is the surest way to keep your truck ride smooth at all times.

Final Verdict

That’s our complete list of the best shocks for trucks you’ll find on the market right now. While all the 10 products come from different manufacturers, have different features, prices, and designs, they all conform to a top-notch performance.

They all have enjoyed a wide usage across the states for many years (and will definitely continue to do so) due to their commitment to improving your vehicle handling and control and giving you quality rides every day, regardless of what road you’re on and what load you’re carrying.

Go ahead and order any of these top shocks for your truck with my full assurance that they’ll give you the best services- with no regrets or frustrations.

Rick Man Joorian

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