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Get to know what your car thinks

Satirical! Is it? That is likely what you may have t encounter when you tell your colleagues on the importance of knowing the working of the car engine.  Many are the cases when one may drive with certain car elements like the alternator in bad condition which may require urgent attention. Without proper guidelines on communications, […]

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Cold Air Intake Pros & Cons

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about cold air intake systems. Some people claim that their engines performed far better after installing a cold air intake. Worryingly, an equal number of people seem to think it has no effect at all and can harm your car’s performance. Which group is speaking the truth? There […]

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How To Use a Slack Adjuster

If you drive a commercial vehicle or are planning to pursue a commercial driver’s license, you have no doubt heard about a slack adjuster. These common mechanisms are necessary for commercial vehicles that have air brakes with an S cam. Properly using a slack adjuster is important for both driver safety and vehicle condition. Demonstrating how to use […]

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