How to Fix Floor Jack That Leaks Down

When around vehicles, you’ll need to use a floor jack. Sometimes you may need to work underneath a car, and this essential tool comes in handy. Floor jacks differ in size as some work better for small cars and others are ideal for bigger vehicles. However, after a while, the jack may start leaking down the fluid which works the hydraulic arm.

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix a leaky jack. It’s also essential when it comes to general maintenance.

Steps to Fix a Leaky Floor Jack

Here are a few steps to fix a leaky jack.

Put it on the Work Surface

Place the floor jack on a work surface to inspect and fix the leak. Ensure that your working area is heavy enough to accommodate the floor jack’s weight. Also, get rid of anything that may block the working surface.

Undo the Valve Screw

To get the O ring in the jack, you need to undo the valve screw. The screw is what raises and drops the jack. Take the handle and in a clockwise direction remove the valve screw.

Raise the Floor Jack

Raise the floor jack after you loosen the valve screw. It should be pointing to the ceiling. Use clamps to make the floor jack steady and remove the screw.

Drain the Fluid

A leaky floor jack is likely to have debris stored in the remains. Lower the floor jack into a drain jar and empty the content out of the screw hole. After, put back the jack up to its original position.

Put Back the O Ring on Valve Screw

A faulty O ring is the primary cause of a leaky floor jack; you can remove the O ring using a screwdriver. Wash the valve screw and put back a new O ring.

Fill the Jack Fluid

A floor jack won’t work without the necessary fluid. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the type of that fluids work best. Hold the shaft on top of the screw and pour the liquid. The fluid should get to the threads level.

Replace the Valve Screw

Once you’ve filled the jack with fluid, put back the screw and constrict it in a clockwise direction. Ensure it’s tight and pull down the jack to its wheels.

Work the fluid through the jack by using the handle to lower and raise the arm. Check to see it can hold the weight on the lift. Do not forget to check if there are other leaks.

Rick Man Joorian

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