Most Reliable Pickup Truck: Here Is A List Of Them

If you’re wondering what the most reliable pickup trucks options include on the market today, look no further! Find out what makes a pickup truck reliable, why reliability should be paramount when buying a new vehicle and check out the most reliable pickup truck options for 2019. We’ll list out 8 of the top choices and let you know exactly what features make each model great.

What Makes A Pickup Truck Reliable?

The various pickup truck models and manufacturers on the market today each offer different features and have progressed over the years to bring their customers the most reliable options. Today’s pickup trucks can perform better, handle more, and remain more dependable than previous models. 

However, regardless of the progress in pickup trucks overall, some options are more reliable than others. Pickup trucks are, overall, more reliable than other classes of vehicles. The most reliable pickup truck options on the market today also score above average in reliability among all types of cars.

Why Your Pickup Truck Must Be Reliable

Reliability is one of the most important things many customers look for in a new vehicle, especially in a used pickup truck. When buying a used truck, you’re never sure what you’re going to get. Some older models come with issues specific to the brand or common among certain models, which is why it helps to know which models are the most reliable on the market and which may cause you issues down the line. 

With a reliable vehicle, you can expect your purchase to hold up well over time. A truck that lasts a long time also comes with an excellent return on investment. You could sell the truck years later and still make much more of your money back than you would with another, less reliable model. Reliable trucks may also come with fewer repairs and common issues. 

Performing regular maintenance can help your pickup last longer, but many owners don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to afford repair prices. A previous owner who was abusive to their vehicle and skipped out on regular maintenance tasks or simple repairs may offer you a decent amount for their used pickup, and the price may tempt you.

Make sure always to check the vehicle’s recall history to see if any safety defects have been repaired and ask to see the vehicle’s repair history before buying.

8 Most Reliable Pickup Truck Models

The pickup trucks below are models that have shown themselves as particularly reliable. While some models fall behind the competition, these are the options leading the pack. 

You can expect to find these vehicles listed in a J.D. Power’s annual Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), which has measured the performance of vehicles for decades. They’re each award winners in industry reliability. Here are the eight most reliable pickup truck models:

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra has consistently won top ratings in reliability over the past nine years in Consumer Reports and other surveys, which is why people say it might as well be in a class of its own. Built-in Texas, the Tundra hasn’t changed designed since 2007. Why fix something that’s not broken? Toyota has been a great option since they started making pickup trucks, and this option is your best option if you’re looking for a reliable half-ton pickup. 

It’s dependable, full-size, and light duty. Buyers have two engines to choose from, both powerful V8 options, as well as three cab styles and three different bed lengths. You can personalize your Tundra to suit your needs, and with the added trailer braking control system introduces as a standard feature in 2016 and newer models, the improved systems just keep getting better. Newer models even offer a larger gas tank installed standard. However, 2016 models are very reliable still.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline has an excellent reliability record that’s unmatched by the competition. When it comes to compact pickup trucks, it’s nearly perfect. The vehicle has won awards and top ratings for the better part of a decade, with only the previous generation’s Takata airbags showing low reviews. Most people never regret buying a Ridgeline, and the model even ranks as one of the most satisfying vehicles to own.

Nissan Frontier

Overall, the Nissan Frontier ranks better than average in reliability. It’s a full-size, compact pickup with high ratings over the past decade, and the mid-size 2016 model won a VDS award. It’s the same generation Nissan has used since 2004.

Most issues in this model were long ago resolved and improved upon, providing a smooth ride and top comfort. The only real problem people have had with this model is the occasional body integrity issue, which is reflected in the Frontier’s reliability ratings as well.

Toyota Tacoma

Previous models of the Toyota Tacoma have scored well for reliability. The company is still producing the same generation of Tacomas since 2016, and the current model is a top sales leader among other compact pickups.

However, older generations rank higher in reliability scores. If you can find an older generation in decent condition, especially a model in the years between 2011 and 2015, you can find the most reliable Tacoma.

The 2013 model is a fan-favorite among truck owners and industry professionals alike. They’re likely to run for a long time, with models working well over 200,000 miles. Plus, they offer excellent fuel economy and a gorgeous, comfortable passenger cabin.

Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevy took the Avalanche from the pickup truck scene back in 2013, but the final models they produced still rank among the best and most reliable used vehicles on the market. From 2010-2013, the Avalanche ratings topped above average. They’re just as well-sought after and reliable today, especially the strong 2012 model. Buyers receive an excellent return on their investment still for the 2012 and 2013 models.

Ford F-250

Although Ford’s pickups don’t tend to make the list, their Super Duty models rank well in tests and reliability surveys. The Ford F-series 250 performs well when it comes to reliability, with the 2016 and 2013 models ranking especially strong. However, customers say the fuel system and electronics in the vehicle have caused trouble over the previous decade.

Ram 1500

Expect tons of options and excellent fuel efficiency with this pickup truck. The Ram 1500 comes with three engine choices: V6, V8, and a turbodiesel. Then, customers can choose between and bed or multiple cab configuration, trim levels, special edition packages, and more. 

The 2016 model is a full-size, light-duty option that’s dependable, and this model year isn’t much different than previous options expect in color options, LED lighting, and small changes like the standard center console. Where it stands out is the newly available 6-cylinder EcoDiesel engine, which is by far one of the most fuel-efficient engine options you can find in pickup trucks.

GMC Canyon

GMC stopped producing this compact pickup for two years, but the models hit the market again with a brand-new design in 2015. The older models, however, may still be the best. Previous Canyon models, particularly 2010 and 2011, receive fantastic reliability ratings from J.D. Power’s VDS. They both offer excellent fuel economy. However, customers complain the rear seats and cabin are uninviting. People also say the engine power is much lower than other pickups on the market.

What Pickup Models Should I Avoid?

Some models aren’t worth even the cheapest of prices, as they’ll only cause you heartache and more money long-term in repair costs. Avoid buying these models. According to the U.S. World News Report, the least reliable pickup trucks include the following five options:

  • Ford Explorer Sport Trac – Although this model ended in 2010 with the most reliable choice of the five models on the market, it’s below-average in terms of reliability. People still find this option attractive due to an impressive tow capacity and standard trailer sway control features.
  • Suzuki Equator – The manufacturer may have withdrawn their automobiles from the U.S. market in 2012, but they’re still in business. However, it’s harder to find parts if you live in the U.S. The problem with the Equator is that it’s basically a Nissan Frontier, so you can use parts for that model. But, both options come with issues. 
  • Nissan Titan – Two versions of the Titan were made from 2009-2017 (with none produced in the year 2016), with newer models created more reliably. However, rivals offer better features like fuel economy, towing capacity, and comfy interiors. 
  • Chevrolet Colorado – A compact pickup truck, the current generation of Colorado was introduced in 2015. Older generations, which are actually more reliable, stopped production in 2012. The 2010, 2011, and 2016 models were the most reliable options, although there are better, more appealing models on the market. 
  • Ford F-150 – Although this influential sales leader is a customer favorite, it’s received low-reliability scores consistently since 2010. 

By selecting one of the most reliable models, you can receive a better return on your investment and spend much less money on repairs over time. A safe, reliable truck is one you can always depend on.  

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