Role of Power Train Control Module (PCM) in OBD

There are several aspects key to the use of the OBD scan readers. One aspect which is however pushed to the back in most cases is the role of the power train control module common as the PCM. In relation to the OBD reader software, the PCM is found at its core area of the microprocessor.

PCM Pulse code modulation

PCM Pulse code modulation

OBD scanning is in most cases microprocessor related and strives at ensuring the PCM is at its optimal. The memory of the scan tool is enhanced when the OBD tool is enhanced, especially when the module works correctly.

Some roles played by the PCM are enumerated as below;

  • It allows for self diagnostic. This is quite common with the new crop of OBD scanners.
  • Fast scans0 the power train module is what is reputed to have the capacity to allow the OBD perform the process of fast scan. This it does through giving the notorious check engine light signal (MIL). The performance of the power train controls will ensure that the emission scan is successfully conducted.
  • It is the PCM which is the hallmark of the whole OBD regulation criteria. This is simply because most open loop operations are known to depend on the PCM.
  • It is within this backdrop that the OBD is successful. However with the other operations like the verification of the memory system within the OBD computer and the reading and testing of the various random access memory data cells within the software that we appreciate the importance of the PCM.
  • The PCM is also known to additionally work with some of the external connection points like the converters, registers and several other known timers to ensure that the processor is fully operational.

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Why PCM?

Because the OBD software system is generally complex, it can be seen to consist of several classifications. The PCM is the fastest operating part within the OBD scan and can give results within a fraction of a second.

Powertrain Control Module

Powertrain Control Module

The divisions of how the PCM relays its data in terms of the priority is in most cases what makes its use quite an important element. It is able to give credence to the areas which require the user’s immediate attention.

In this, the PCM priority areas are mostly according to the sensor importance in keeping emissions. It is this reason which makes it software based. For instance, if the PCM detects a problem at the oxygen sensor (lambda), that is treated as high priority.

The different unique timers are not left out when the PCM is in operation. These when put together with the fuel checks and the areas like the car misfire detectors, the engine sensors and things like crankshaft position sensor puts lots of weight on the PCM as a component of OBD scan procedure.

The important thing is that the module cam also be used on other areas which are considered to be of lower priority like the catalytic secondary converters, fuel level sensors and even in the all important ignition timer.

This allows the PCM play an integral part with regard to the manner and scope of the OBD scanning. However, the PCM is not an all knowing tool and may in some cases get little interruptions in the cause of an OBD scan process. It is however good to note that even with such an eventuality, the scan process proceeds because the data will be saved safe for the future.

Because the whole process between the data interruption and storage to the resumption can take just a few milliseconds, the hiccup may be hard to notice from the OBD scan user’s point of view. It is a very efficient tool when it comes to carrying out vehicle diagnostics while at the same time making sure that all the vehicle control systems are in good stead.

Using the PCM modulation is the best thing that ever happened to the on board diagnostics. It is an overly thorough process which checks all the vehicle parameters and carries out automatic comparisons which ensures that the result is not a deviation from the expected.

Using the PCM to carry out on board diagnostics is safe for both the user and the car. It can carry a reversal of the fault status of a car to safe thereby helping save lots of cash eventually. Combining the use of this module with OBD, will be the best decision you ever made.

Rick Man Joorian

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