The Best OBD Scan Tool for Toyota & Lexus vehicles

There are several scanners which are known to be useful for the Toyota cars. Most of the scan tools used on this range of cars are just you’re your usual OBD scans in the market. Because, the Toyota brand has been known to cut across most of the continents, it works better with the modern universal scanners.

In this article we will provide expertise knowledge and research to help you identify the best OBD2 scanner for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

toyota car

Toyota Car

The universal OBD scanner are appropriate for the Toyota because;

  • They scan widely- the nature of the code coverage by most of the OBD scan tools within this category allows them to work well with the Toyota brand. The Japanese auto conglomerate has thus been able to have the affinity for most of the scanners in the market.
  • They are known to be efficient – the efficiency and the level of cost cutting measures which led to the creation of the Toyota car has always made the car manufacture to bear in mind the diverse levels of efficiencies of the different scanners. Most of the known OBD scan tools are thus able to code on the Toyota.

It is against this backdrop that some of the following OBD scan tools are found to work on the Toyota. These include;

Best OBD1/ OBD2 Scan Tool for Toyota & Lexus vehicles

You have a wide range of options given the variety of car diagnostic devices available that are compatible with Toyota vehicles.

All of these devices, though, have different advantages and disadvantages. While some devices would only be capable of reading issue codes, others will offer more sophisticated functions like ECU programming, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

1. iSaddle V1.5 USB OBD 2 Scan Tool

iSaddle Super Mini OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool Check Engine Light & CAN-Bus Auto Diagnostic Tool for Windows & Android Torque (Blue Color, Super Mini)
  • Supports all OBD-II Protocols (ISO15765-4 (CAN), ISO14230-4 (KWP2000), ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM)
  • Suport TORQUE software for Android devices,OBDscope software for Symbian devices,PPC(Windows Mobile) system cell phone,ScanMaster for PC etc.This hardware can match many softwares, but most are not free.
  • Compatible Makes: Chrysler Ford Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota VW & More OBDII Cars
  • For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.
  • NOT FOR USE WITH iOS DEVICES!!! Package Includes iSaddle OBD2 Scanner Tool and CD with Device Drivers

This Auto Diagnostic Scanner or Car Diagnostic Tool Auto has been attributed to have some of the best Scan Check Engine Light fault repairs. It has the coverage for almost all the vehicle OBD protocols including the controlled area network (CAN). In addition, the compatibility with the windows software which is found to, match with its internal ones is a plus for its use.

2. Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 Super Mini Auto Scanner 

Panlong OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Tool Car Code Reader Turn Off Check Engine Light Support Android Torque App
  • Read/clear error codes, display their meaning, turn off MIL, show current sensor data, I/M readiness; find out why check engine light is on before visiting a mechanic, save money by fixing simple problems yourself
  • Support 1996 and newer vehicles 12V light trucks that are OBDII compliant like Acura, Audi, BMW, Benz, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Peugeot, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen...
  • Work with Android cellphone and tablet; compatible Apps on Google Play: Torque, Car Scanner, OBD Auto Doctor… and Dr. Prius App for Toyota/Lexus hybrid; we recommend downloading free version first as there are many other Apps you may be interested in trying out
  • Support 9 OBDII Protocols: SAE J1850 PWM (41.6Kbaud), SAE J1850 VPW (10.4Kbaud),ISO9141-2(5 baud init, 10.4Kbaud), ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud), ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4Kbaud), ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID,500 Kbaud), ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID,500 Kbaud), ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID,250 Kbaud), ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID,250 Kbaud)
  • 100% money back guarantee, 1-year replacement with professional customer service. Note: supports Android phone/tablet only

The Code Reader has the capacity to cover several areas of code detection within the car engine including the Check Engine Light fault function. Because it is made for Windows & Android, it has been seen to have the affinity of working in the Toyota and other diverse car brads. It is also compatible with Torque Pro, an android based mobile application.

3. Scan Gauge II Ultra compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer 

ScanGauge - SG2 II Ultra Compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Customizable Real-Time Fuel Economy Digital Gauges , Black , 5 Inch
  • Programmable 3-In-1 Automotive Trip Computer, Diagnostic Scan Tool, And Up To 37 Digital Gauges In One (Vehicle Dependent)
  • Watch Fuel Consumption, Cost-Per-Mile, Coolant Temperature, Engine Speed, Horsepower, And Much More In Real Time
  • Works On All 1996 Or Newer Obdii Cars, Including Gas, Diesel, Propane And Hybrid Vehicles
  • Checks For Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Dtcs), Clears The Codes, And Can Turn Off The "Check Engine" Light
  • No Batteries Required : The single connection to the diagnostic connector under the dashboard is all that is needed.

A common OBD on Toyota cars, it is made with customizable real-time fuel economy digital gauges (CRTFEG) which allows the vehicle to use fuel economically. This could be the secret why Toyota is loved among the low income bracket. Its computerized system makes it read and clear trouble codes in real time.

4.  INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Innova 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool with ABS/SRS and Live Data for OBD2 Vehicles
  • Reads "Check Engine" light warnings on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans (foreign & domestic) - including C.A.N. (Controller Area Network)
  • Reads "Check Engine" light warnings on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans (foreign & domestic) - including C.A.N. (Controller Area Network)
  • Diagnoses ABS and SRS codes on most 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda vehicles
  • Provides SAE enhanced Live Data - views, graphs, records, and plays back live PCM data streams on screen
  • Displays OBD2 Freeze Frame Data & turns off check engine, ABS and SRS lights

If you're looking for an excellent scanner tool that can perform a variety of different tasks and have a budget of $200 to $250, the Innova 3160 will be the ideal choice. This model is clearly not the most affordable one currently available, but it does have a number of features and accessories that raise the price a bit.

The ability to read and clearly decode ABS and SRS codes is one of the primary characteristics that sets this code reader apart from less expensive models.

The Innova 3160 can display live data and gives you the choice to playback and record this data, however the Innova 3150 cannot. The 3150 only supports frozen-form data. So if you don't need the live data capability, save money and choose the Innova 3150.

Just like most of its counterparts, its scanning cannot be questions especially based on its wide coverage of the fault codes. It has the ability to work on the anti lock brake (ABS) and the safety restraint system (SRS) as well as the Live Data for OBD 2 Vehicles.

That is why it works on the Toyota given that most of the Toyota car brands undergo metamorphosis on a daily basis.

Read Full review on Innova 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool

5. iKKEGOL Wi-Fi OBD 2  Car Diagnostics Tool

An Asian product which is becoming popular with vehicles made  in this part of the globe, it is made to work with Apple devices in the form of  iPad, iPhone, iPod, Touch, PC, iOS and Android Phones. The level of its sophistication is seen with its dependence on the Wi-Fi wireless for operation.

6. Autel AL319

Autel OBD2 Scanner Autolink AL319 Code Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool
  • 【TURN OFF CEL】 This AL319 car diagnostic tool supports Reading DTCs, displaying Live Data, Freeze Frame & I/M Readiness etc to figure out the root cause of the Check Engine Light (CEL) and turning it off, to help you detect any potential problems, and to avoid excessive costs for unnecessary repairs.
  • 【EXTENSIVE APPLICATION】 Autel AL319 Compatible with 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.) and various post-1996 OBD II protocol vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, etc.), this OBD II scanner provides accurate and fast diagnosis for worldwide car owners.
  • 【FOR END USER & DIYERS】 This error code reader AL319 is “plug and play” and comes with an easy interface. Even if you’re not familiar with vehicle repair, you can quickly take control of this obd2 scanner, and get the information you want.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】 This check engine code reader features a patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display, built-in speaker, LED Indicator etc. The cable is long enough without being too long and getting in the way. No batteries are needed.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES】 12 months warranty from the date of purchase and lifetime free update are offered by this Automobile OBDII scan tool. Welcome to contact us via Q&A, email, or hotline, and our after-sale-service team for technical support.

The Autel AL319 is Best OBD2 Scan Tool for Toyota whether you're new to auto repair or simply want to save money the next time a CEL appears. This straightforward Toyota code reader can scan both generic and brand-specific codes. You can view active, pending, and even permanent codes thanks to it.

All you have to do to determine whether your vehicle need extensive repairs is look up the meaning of the code.

The Autel Al319 can also retrieve freeze frame information. This capability enables mechanics to understand the state of the vehicle when the CEL first appeared. Additionally, the scanner may show results for I/M readiness and live data.

This code reader has a big TFT screen with an easy readout despite being a compact gadget. Without going too further into the documentation, you'll find it easy to use and navigate.

The Autel AL319 has some flaws, one of which is that not all vehicles are supported. It's wise to check with customer assistance if you're unsure whether the item supports your car. Another issue is that you cannot identify what software version you are using.

This implies that you have no way of knowing if you have the most recent version. The manual for the Autel AL319 might not be included. You must download and print it if yours does not already have one. But it's only a small problem.

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How We Rated Each Toyota Scan Tool

We tested and evaluated 6 various Toyota diagnostic scan tools for this evaluation. We compared each instrument to the following standards to make sure they are all measured in the same way:

Toyota compatibility  – These devices are all compatible with Toyota cars. Additionally, we assessed each tool based on its capacity to deliver precise, beneficial information regarding Toyota vehicles.

Key features – We compared each tool against each other and ranked them in terms of overall usefulness and value-added.  

User-friendliness –We hold a specific emphasis on general convenience and usability. We took care to indicate which tools are simple enough for amateur mechanics to use and which ones are better left in the hands of experts.

Overall value – We considered price and overall utility when ranking each tool to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Final Words

Looking at these Toyota compatible OBD scanners and many more not mentioned here, the most fundamental driving force is the issue of cost.

The Japanese car is usually a cheap car model and it will not be nice deviating from this with an overbearing scan tool.

The ever changing face of the car brand has not only made the market more vibrant for the car but access to the cars quite easy.

Rick Man Joorian

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