Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Complete Review

Torin is one of the most popular names in the vehicle repair and maintenance industry.

The company has always shown commitment and consistency in the production of top-of-the-line, highest-quality products- including floor jacks- since 1968.

The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack is one of their most popular floor jacks for trolleys on the market today.

In the following post, we’ll take you through a complete review that covers everything you need about this jack.

Hopefully, this info will help you decide if the jack will meet your needs and expectations.

Let’s get into the details…



  • Incredibly affordable
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Wheeled base


  • Works well on level surfaces
  • Doesn’t lift the tires high off the ground

Features and Benefits:

Heavy-duty Construction

One of the top things experts recommend you to check when buying a floor jack is its overall construction quality.

When it comes to the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack, it comes with an extremely durable construction that makes it a long lasting product that you’ll probably use and pass on to your grandkids (with proper care and maintenance though).

The jack draws its strength from the sturdy welded steel metal construction. This way, it can easily withstand the heavy weight of different vehicles as well as the rugged use you take it through for longer than any other jack.

If you’re looking for a highly durable jack at an affordable price, this is the best deal you can find on the market today!

Great Lift capacity

This jack also comes with a great lifting capacity compared to all the similar products that fall in its price range.

To be exact, it comes with a 2 Ton Capacity that’s sufficient to easily lift a wide range of cars- allowing you to safely access their underneath for repairs and maintenance. Some of the car models that previous users have conveniently limited with this jack include sedans, f150 supercrew, Dakota (with a v8 engine), and many more

TIP: If you’re not sure whether this jack can lift your vehicle, then I’d recommend you to first check the weight your vehicle comes with. If it’s below 2000 lbs., then it’s eligible for lifting with the jack. If it’s above this weight value, you’d want to look for another jack.

Excellent Lifting Range

With a lift range spanning from 5.6 inches to 13 inches, you’ll all agree with me that this jack will lift most of the vehicles with a low profile to a higher level- allowing you to access the underneath easily.

If you find that this Torin trolley jack isn’t lifting your car as high as you want (this usually happens for vehicles with bigger tire sizes), then you can try placing solid/stable blocks under it to help get the wheels to your desired level above the ground.

When blocking the jack, however, be sure to follow the recommended lifting points in your manual. The last thing you’d want to experience is the vehicle’s weight crushing you to the ground due to wrong block placement.

Safety Overload System

Safety is an important consideration when lifting the weight of your car. Torin seems to understand this fact very well and have put in place some measures to ensure you remain safe when using their jack.

The jack comes integrated with a safety overload system. This goes a long way in stopping you from using your jack beyond the manufacturer rated capacity of 2 tons.

Given the fact that this feature isn’t found in most jacks out there, it puts the reliability and safety of this particular Torin floor jack on a whole new level.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Something else you can’t help noticing about this jack is how easy to use it is for you. It features a straightforward design that allows even those who have never operated a floor jack before to use it without any issues.

The rotating heavy duty saddle is one of the key features that make this floor jack extremely easy to use. It offers you a rotating 360 degrees handle that makes it possible for you to operate the jack at your desired angle- something not present in most floor jacks out there.

Carrying the machine to your preferred location has also been made easy with the 360 degrees caster wheels it comes with. These team up with the convenient handle to make it easy to move your jack to any place

For the best results when using this jack, I’d strongly recommend you to use it on a level surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of cars can I lift with this jack?

The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack comes with a 2ton lifting capacity, which means it can lift all the vehicles weighing 2000 lbs. and below.

The included safety overload system will stop you if you attempt to use it beyond its recommended capacity.

2. Does this floor jack come with a case?

No, the floor jack doesn’t come with a case.

3. Do the wheels lock when the lift is in use?

The wheels do not lock in position.

Final Verdict

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack. We have seen that this jack comes with a lift of convenient features that makes it a reliable jack for your car lifting needs. These features include the safety overload system, casters that rotate around 360 degrees, a saddle and handle that rotates at 360 degrees, an excellent lifting capacity, and a heavy-duty steel welded construction for an extended lifespan.

If your car weighs anything below the jack’s 2-ton lifting capacity, then I’d highly recommend you to invest in this easy to use jack.

And if you’re on a limited budget but still want to use a good quality jack at an affordable cost, this jack is for you.

The 1-year manufacturer limited warranty should clear any doubts you might have regarding the quality of this product; it acts as your safety net in case your jack starts failing.

Overall, the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack is worth every penny!

Rick Man Joorian

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