How a Wheelchair Lift For Your Car or Truck Works?

For many disabled people or people with a disabled family member, a wheelchair lift for the car or truck may be one of the best purchase decisions in terms of time saved and convenience when traveling in a vehicle. Many people have experienced the sheer agony of loading and unloading disabled persons from a wheelchair as well as the subsequent storage problem that comes about during transportation.

A wheelchair lift would make a quick trip in the car a breeze for any disabled person and there are many types to choose from. The purchaser should know exactly what they need from the device and how much money they are willing to spend before they begin shopping for a wheelchair lift.

The external wheelchair lift is placed at the back of the car or truck and can easily be attached and detached as necessary. The external wheelchair lift is not strong enough to lift large wheelchairs and is specially made for small and medium sized cars.

When a large wheelchair is placed on an external wheelchair lift, there may be damage to the lift as well as the frame of the car. The external wheelchair lifts should be used to lift small wheelchairs and move short distances only sine increasing these factors results in proportional greater damage to both the car and the lift.

The internal wheelchair lift, on the other hand, is generally stored inside of the motor vehicle and most often is attached to the rear end of the car or truck. The internal wheelchair lift is permanent and cannot be attached and detached from the car like the external wheelchair lift.

The internal wheelchair lift would protect your wheelchair from rain, wind and the elements due to the simple fact that it is located inside the car or truck, the flipside to this is the obvious disadvantage in terms of the space that it takes up in the vehicle (which could be used for something else).

The internal wheelchair lift is an especially viable option for people with large trucks, SUV’s and station-wagons that have plenty of indoor space.

The operation of the wheelchair lift is also another major distinction which helps in differentiating them, and there are the electric and mechanical types of wheelchair lifts. The mechanical types are generally less expensive but require more manual labor to operate while the electrical wheelchair lifts are powered by the car and can hoist the wheelchair with the simplicity and convenience of simply touching the button.

People who are disabled themselves should opt for the electrical wheelchair lift since this requires much less physical labor but if the disabled person belongs to a family who can assist them in operating the lift, they can opt for the mechanical lift instead to help save money.

Rick Man Joorian

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